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Author Mission Statement: I believe God employs many helpers to combat evil, helpers such as fairies, white sparrows, dragons, foo dogs, gnomes, and garden spiders. He also uses ordinary people, who become extraordinary by doing God's work. In writing about some of the adventures of these heroes, I hope to showcase and celebrate their hard work in spreading magic and helping to save our fallen world.

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The White Sparrow

In order to spread the magic of the world, God employs many helpers, including white sparrows, who are tasked with bestowing gifts such as mercy, healing, working of miracles, and prophecy upon certain individuals. One might imagine handing out gifts from God would be hard work for the sparrows; but they get to have a little fun along the way, playing Connect-the-Dots to make the lives of certain people intersect. Jacob Woodbury, Chime Stouffer, and Shannon McNay are three such individuals, not only recipients of special gifts, but also destined to have great impact on one another and, quite possibly, the whole world.

All human beings have gifts; and when we first discover them, like anything new, they take some getting used to, especially when the gifts involve challenges. In working through some of these challenges, and in deciding which paths to take, we might well find ourselves wanting to give the gifts back, or at least wishing they came with instruction manuals so that we could know exactly what we are supposed to do with them. We all go through times of change in our lives, and the changes can sometimes be quite troubling. But if given a chance to change things, how many of us really would? Christian/Supernatural Ages 12+  Hardcover   Free E-Book

Author Note: The White Sparrow is about making good use of the gifts and skills God has given us, and about making wise choices as we grow in our understanding and use of them. The story leaves several things to mystery, so that readers can find some of their own answers and imagine themselves within the characters. The book also contains Questions for Discussion at the end for use in classroom and youth group settings.

"When we focus too much on the things of the earth, we tend to miss the blessings from above..."

The Wishbone Miracle

Sometimes the proof of God's existence is right under our very noses, if we simply slow down and pay attention to our surroundings. And if we ask Him to reveal His presence, we shouldn't be surprised when He not only shows Himself, but also blesses us with the gift of a miracle.

Of all of the milestones in our lives, graduation from high school can be one of the most difficult and confusing times to go through. Entering her final year of high school, Ricky Halo struggles with making the right decisions as far as her future. Busy with school, family, and church activities, she also takes on a film project as a way of proving to skeptics that God really does exist. As the events of her journey unfold, Ricky, a steadfast believer, somehow manages to surprise even herself. But in addition to guiding others, can she find the answers to her own questions within the project? Christian/Supernatural Ages 12+  Hardcover   Free E-Book

Author Note: The Wishbone Miracle is about finding God in our surroundings, and finding our Guide when making important decisions. The story leaves several things to mystery, so that readers can find some of their own answers and imagine themselves within the characters. The book also contains Questions for Discussion at the end for use in classroom and youth group settings.

"A miracle waits around every corner..."

The Fairy Chronicles®

The Fairy Chronicles is a series of modern fairy tales full of magical creatures, both good and evil, and heroic characters who participate in dangerous missions to protect nature and fix serious problems. The stories include a diverse set of fairy characters and a wide variety of other magical creatures such as trolls, brownies, witches, dwarves, gnomes, elves, squits, dragons, unicorns, goblins, wizards, ogres, magic gargoyles, gremlins, nymphs, ghouls, giants, and many more. Though the entire story of The Fairy Chronicles follows a specific timeline, the individual adventures are stand-alone books that can be read in any order. Fantasy/Fairy Tale Ages 7+   The Fairy Chronicles Individual Book Descriptions

"God gave fairies wings to remind them that no star is out of reach..."

Volume One Includes: Marigold and the Feather of Hope, Dragonfly and the Web of Dreams, Thistle and the Shell of Laughter, Firefly and the Quest of the Black Squirrel, Spiderwort and the Princess of Haiku, Periwinkle and the Cave of Courage, Cinnabar and the Island of Shadows, Mimosa and the River of Wisdom, Primrose and the Magic Snowglobe, Luna and the Well of Secrets, Dewberry and the Lost Chest of Paragon, Moonflower and the Pearl of Paramour, Snapdragon and the Odyssey of Èlan, Harlequin and the Pebble of Spree, Dove and the Parchment of Dulcet, and Cricket and the Enchanted Music Box. Ages 7+  Hardcover

Volume Two Includes: Blue, the Mermaid, and the Fisherman's Tale; Aloe and the Spring of Hale, Pumpkinwing and the Week of Opposites, Minnow and Mr. Keen - the Brilliant Troll, Teasel and the Halloween Mysteries, Calliope and the Land of Bliss, Heather and the Basket of Understanding, Honeysuckle and the February Garden, Sandpiper and the Ship of Pools; Brandtii and the Perils of Prima Della, Top Strawberry, and Big-Wag; Ginger and the Purple Ibex, Swan and the Realm of Hollowness, Larkspur and Alyssum Meet Sniggerbly Wiskerfink, Clover and the Flying Turtle, Arabesque and the Return of Clack Palaver, and Thyme and the Magic Dollhouse. Ages 7+  Hardcover

Volume Three Includes: Bumblebee and the Maze of Regret, Fern and the Candle of Friendship, Cherry and the Adventures of Pwensfourth-Greeves Mistooken, Ambrosia and the Elemental Fairies; Jasmine, the Journal, and Magnolia's Sacrifice; Raven and the Children of the Rainbow, Pennyroyal and the Last Rhinoceros, Lilac and the Secret of Obsidian, Sparrow and Edelweiss's Ghost;Quince, Amethyst, and the Forever Journey; Dandelion and the Box of Illusion, Hollyhock and the Christmas of the Swans, Eglantine and the Laughing Owl, and The Glass Fairy. Ages 7+  Hardcover

Volume Four Includes: Berylline and the Tree of Joy, Meadowsweet and the Magic Fountain, Jewels and Superheroes, The Adventures of Red Zipper, Laurel and the Inn of the Whispers, Apple and the Legend of the Western Star; Tea, Sterling, and the Heart of Fire; Scarlet, Willow, and the Two-Foot Witch; Obsidian and the Last Brownie Prince, Helenium and the Really Very Confused House, Azure and the Butterfly Fairy Convention, Snowdrop and Four o'Clock Meet the White Elephant and the Dancing Rabbit, Aurora and the Lights of Marfa, and Journey's End. Ages 7+  Hardcover

The Fairy Handbook: Ordinarily, Fairy Handbooks can only be read by their fairy owners. If a Fairy Handbook is ever lost, the pages will appear blank to any non-magical people who may find it and try to read it. However, Luna and Madam Toad worked together on a tricky magical spell to create this special version of the Fairy Handbook that can be read by any human being. Many of the fairies' friends, such as gnomes and leprechauns, contributed bits and pieces to the contents of this book; and they hope you enjoy reading it and learning more about them. Some of the sections include Fairy Superstitions and Leprechaun Good Luck Tips, Handbook Entries from the Shared Adventures, Fairy Proverbs, Gnome Gardening Tips, Character Profiles, Fairy Chronicles Legends, Troll Tidbits, Fairy Feng Shui Tips, Fairy Recipes, All About Brownies, and Fairy Chronicles Secrets. Caution: This handbook does contain spoilers to many of the books in the series. Ages 7+  Hardcover

Characters: Meet Some of the Fairies (Profiles for Apple, Edelweiss, Harlequin, Helenium, Jasmine, Raven, Sea Dragon, and Sparrow)
Meet Some of the Fairies' Friends (Profiles for Innin, the Flying Turtle, Big-Wag, Snickers, the Sweet-Smelling Man, Ju-ju, and the Candy-and-Flowers Monster)

The Time Entity Trilogy

                                                                          Timeline of Key Events

                                                                          2010: The plane crash maroons Aaron, Patrick, and Christine on the island.
                                                                          2036: The original travelers pay a visit to Ruin Foster's mother.
                                                                                          2077: The double twins begin their own adventures in Elmara Lodès.
                                                                                          2089: The migration to the island begins.
                                                                                          2115: The last of the settlers make it to Heaven's Jewel, and the Doorway in the Sea closes.
                                                                                          6051: The Historian welcomes Aaron, Patrick, and Christine on their first visit to Heaven's Jewel.  
                                                                                                     Fantasy/Science Fiction Ages 8+

  Hardcover    Trilogy Book Descriptions

  Sample Chapters:  Heaven's Jewel  The Eternity Stone  Futures Sown  

  Cassie Kingston Mysteries

Mysteries seem to be seeking out Cassie Kingston and her best friend, Enilsa Santos. Their adventures begin unexpectedly, and the pair end up solving four mysteries during one summer break. With help from several friends, Cassie and Enilsa outwit a clever forger, find real treasure, solve a mystery involving a bronze statue, save a house from being demolished, and uncover the truth about a strange painting of an island. Ages 8+   Cassie Kingston Mysteries Individual Book Descriptions

Future adventures include The Mockingbird Ridge Puzzle, The Caricature Conundrum, The Inventor's Journal, and The View from Keltons.

The Heaviest Things: How can we lift something extremely heavy when we can't see or touch the thing? In an effort to help an elderly neighbor, ten-year-old Henry Goodwin sets out to discover how some of the heaviest and most mysterious things on earth have been lifted. His research yields surprising results when he meets a real-life Paul Bunyan, has a conversation with the god Atlas, and takes a trip to the North Pole. However, even after traveling far and wide, Henry discovers that the answer to his own problem lies much closer to home. Fantasy/Supernatural Ages 8+  Free E-Book

Juan Noel's Crystal Airship - The Story of a Christmas Eve Legend: On a magical six-hour Christmas Eve journey aboard the Crystal Airship, managed by Juan Noel, four children and various other passengers hopscotch the countries and continents of the world, making important deliveries to help keep hopes and dreams alive. Fantasy/Christmas/Fairy Tale  For All Ages.  Free E-Book

The Gypsy Fiddle: In a world of abundant magic, in which encounters with magical paintings, passages, and living sand sculptures are fairly commonplace, a powerful magical object in the form of a gypsy fiddle has been created to stop a terrible curse designed to destroy all life. Unfortunately, when the fiddle is stolen, another means to save the world must be found. In order to block the curse, a young girl named Elin must spend two hours a day in another world, one completely different than her own in which magic is virtually nonexistent. When it becomes necessary to increase her time in this odd world, life becomes something of a balancing act between magic and non-magic. Finding her place in both worlds helps Elin recognize the many ways in which magic can go wrong, which helps her understand that even in their non-magical simplicity, ordinary things such as bicycles, clay saucers, and umbrellas hold a special magic all their own. Fantasy/Science Fiction Ages 11+  Free E-Book

Foo and Friends

Noveau Art Noveau Art Noveau Art

What are your lawn and garden ornaments up to when no one is looking? If they hold magical spirits like most gnomes, angels, gargoyles, and foo dogs, you can bet it's something pretty important. Join Foo and his Friends on some of their important adventures as they help keep our neighborhoods safe and in tip-top shape. Includes Eight Awesome Adventures: The Wishing Well, The Garage Sale, The Fake Foo, The Porch Swing Ghost, The Sea Dragon, The Giraffe Mystery, The Horse Capers, and The Royal Pillow. For read aloud and early chapter readers ages 6+  Hardcover

Future Foo fun includes Totally Fooless, The Halloween Closet, Foo's Gold, The Panoramic Egg, and No Hats for Foo.

J.H. Sweet lives in South Texas. In addition to recording stories the fairies have told her, she enjoys hiking, photography, knitting, and basketry.

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