Cassie Kingston Mysteries

Mysteries seem to be seeking out Cassie Kingston and her best friend, Enilsa Santos. Their adventures begin unexpectedly, and the pair end up solving four mysteries during one summer break. With help from several friends, Cassie and Enilsa outwit a clever forger, find real treasure, solve a mystery involving a bronze statue, save a house from being demolished, and uncover the truth about a strange painting of an island. Mystery/Suspense Ages 8+

Free E-Books:  The Candlewick Inn Mystery  The Painting of Swan Cove Island

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Available Paperback and Kindle.   Amazon Links:  The Message in the Transom   The Candlewick Inn Mystery   The Statue in Glen Park   The Painting of Swan Cove Island 



The Message in the Transom

While helping to transplant rosebushes, Cassie and Enilsa, along with two of their friends, begin to uncover secrets involving an old house. Following a series of clues that begins with a strange message in a stained-glass transom, the friends work to save the house from demolition. With both diligence and ingenuity, the new sleuths end up finding something so valuable, it can only be described as A Treasure Beyond Measure.

The Candlewick Inn Mystery

Surely, it can't be possible to find two treasures in one summer. But that's exactly what Cassie and Enilsa are trying to do. While spending two weeks helping out at the Candlewick Inn, a property Cassie's cousin will soon inherit from their late Great-Aunt Sybil, the girls find several clues relating to something valuable hidden at the inn. While investigating, they receive messages from a psychic, and even a note from Great-Aunt Sybil herself, which help them solve The Candlewick Inn Mystery.

The Statue in Glen Park

Upon returning from Glen Park, and looking at photographs from the outing, Cassie and Enilsa are shocked to discover that a serious crime was apparently committed right under their unsuspecting noses. But could this possibly be a classic case where the camera lens sees something very different than the human eye? However, as their investigation unfolds, an unexpected turn of events leads the girls to believe that a fanciful bronze statue may hold the real answer to the mystery.

The Painting of Swan Cove Island

During a three-week vacation to visit Enilsa's grandmother on Swan Cove Island, Cassie and Enilsa discover an unusual painting that leads them on a pirate treasure hunt. However, they soon discover that appearances can be very deceiving and that real treasure is often found in the most unlikely places.

Future adventures include The Mockingbird Ridge Puzzle, The Caricature Conundrum, The Inventor's Journal, and The View from Keltons.



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