Clock Winders



Wind Horses and Horned Lions

The world contains many magical creatures, even some we haven't heard of, perhaps lost to written history, or possibly because people never encountered them, or simply didn't know what to call them. Or perhaps God is constantly creating new ones that haven't yet been discovered. Whatever the case, when Vini Aberdeen commits her life to Christ and begins searching for a unicorn, a creature of purity thought to be capable of bringing goodness back into our dark world, God provides her with helpers in the form of wind horses, creatures she's certainly never heard of, seemingly made of wind with powers connected to that awesome force. Wondering if she should drop her quest for a unicorn, since she now has such amazing strength on her side to help combat evil, Vini soon discovers that God, in providing His assistance, is actually leading her to continue her search. However, with the multitudes of myths surrounding unicorns, Vini begins to feel she may never figure out how to find one, let alone discover the exact purposes or powers of the creatures. But she can't stop trying because, if she's successful, she just might be able to save the whole world. Ages 12+

Burnished Doves and Sky Serpents

Having learned how to summon unicorns, Vini Aberdeen now finds herself called upon to find dragons, creatures with specific purposes in God's overall plan-past, present, and future. The task proves somewhat difficult because she is still discovering the secrets of unicorns, one of which involves time travel. Taking a trip into the past ends up being quite a revelation for Vini, who not only makes a remarkable discovery, but also ends up saving the life of someone extremely important to her future. In her present, through prophetic dreams, she makes a disturbing discovery that someone near and dear to her (exact identity unknown) is not what he or she appears to be. Navigating a confusing maze of rainbows, snakes, doves, peacocks and magical objects--all of which are somehow connected to dragons--she comes to realize that the answer as to how to find dragons in the world of today might be right under her very nose. But even with magical objects, gryphons, unicorns, wind horses, gargoyles, and puck trolls helping her, finding dragons might not matter if she can't solve the mystery as to who among her friends and loved ones is working against her. Ages 12+

Netherwind and Laurelstone

Staying at an old manor house for the summer, Vini and her friends embark on several quests, one of which involves finding a set of Seven Magical Spheres that will be needed to help God's children survive as we draw closer to the Endtimes. Busily engaged in weapons training and time-travel adventures, they also find time to explore a magical mezzanine floor containing doorways to other realms, including one to the Garden of Stars, a go-between spot through which departed spirits can occasionally visit their loved ones still living on earth. One such spirit actually helps the group solve a decades-old murder mystery. While not relaxing, the summer ends up being thrilling, as God's children begin to uncover the secrets surrounding magicians, sorcerers, and Dragon Hunters. Ages 12+

The Clock of the Universe

Bibles have been outlawed, free speech is nonexistent, art is being destroyed, and many Christians are being wrongfully imprisoned. This is not surprising since sorcerers and demons have taken control of our governments. However, we are not to lose hope because God is providing help for His children, some in the form of time-travel devices, special weapons, and even a magical suspension bridge. While organizing an Underground Army to save people from murder, torture, and unjust Population Control Laws, God's children must also run a race to save the Netherwind-Laurelstone Plantations and Schools. Helping with the efforts are the Gifted, such as an architect capable of opening up pockets within the earth that can support thousands upon thousands, and eidetic individuals who are memorizing books that have been banned. Blessedly, even genies and gnomes are getting involved, as well as our old standbys such as bigfoots, gargoyles, gryphons, and wind horses. Ages 12+

The Once and Forever Mountain

Following the rise of the Supercities, much of the human race has been enslaved inside the cities and work camps. Blessedly, earthship and mothership communities are flourishing; and many people have taken refuge on a mountain protected by magical spirits and a mysterious white lion. However, in dealing with constant battles, some are growing weary in waiting for the Endtimes. Others struggle to deal with traitors, and temptations. Amidst battles raging on both land and sea, now is finally the time to mount the rescue of the unicorn, captured and being starved to death by sorcerers. This is crucial because the unicorn is connected to the soul of the person capable of overproducing human goodness, needed to feed the magical creatures helping to protect us. If the unicorn dies, the person will die. Blessedly, God is again providing help, not only in the form of magical ships capable of navigating the Bermuda Triangle, but also from creatures such as a white dragon, behemoths, and even tiny spreesprites who, with help from magical hummingbirds, are capable of stopping time. Ages 12+



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