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The timeline of the series, beginning with Marigold and the Feather of Hope and ending with Journey's End, spans ten years. Marigold is nine when the series begins and eighteen when she becomes Aurora's mentor. The final two books of the series form a double, ending bookend because Marigold has a large presence in Aurora and the Lights of Marfa (as she did in Marigold and the Feather of Hope), and the Feather of Hope is a key factor in Journey's End.  

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#1  Marigold and the Feather of Hope

Beth Parish is an nine-year-old girl blessed with a marigold flower fairy spirit. With her mentor, a monarch butterfly fairy, Marigold learns how to be a fairy, and discovers things like the fairy handbook, the vast variety of fairy wands, how to create fairy lights, the purpose of fairies, what gnomes do, and the three things gremlins are afraid of. She attends fairy circle and meets her new friends - Thistle, Dragonfly, and Firefly. They discover that the brownies, keepers of the Feather of Hope, which is the source of all hope on earth, need their help. Marigold must enlist the aid of her dachshund, Peanut, in a daring mission to rescue the Feather of Hope from a house occupied by dangerous gremlins.

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#2  Dragonfly and the Web of Dreams

Jennifer Sommerset is a red dragonfly fairy. When bad dreams begin to plague her friends and family, she discovers that the Web of Dreams, a magical web designed to catch nightmares, has been destroyed. Along with the Sandman and several fairy friends, Dragonfly makes a dangerous journey to visit the Dream Spider to convince him to rebuild the Web of Dreams. She encounters trolls and an evil dream spirit on her quest to save the world from experiencing a lifetime of terrible nightmares.

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#3  Thistle and the Shell of Laughter

The Shell of Laughter, which is the source of all laughter on earth, has been stolen. It is the job of Staid, the elf, to distribute laughter all over the world using trade winds, siroccos, Zephyrs, jet streams, the Chinook, and other winds. Along with a leprechaun, a hedgehog, a witch, and several fairy friends, Thistle must help Staid recover the Shell of Laughter from Killjoy Crosspatch - the evil Spirit of Sorrow. During this adventure, the fairies meet a wood gnome, unicorns, and a bobolink bird. They also learn what laughter is made of.

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#4  Firefly and the Quest of the Black Squirrel

Lenox Hart is a firefly fairy. While attending Fairy Circle, she discovers that an evil curse, brought on by a goblin, will soon kill all black squirrels, then spread to other animals, even mankind. Periwinkle, Thistle, and Marigold join Firefly, as she embarks on a hazardous journey through the Forgotten Forest to seek out the Black Stag and magical blue moon clover. The quest includes a visit to a dwarf and his squit, and the discovery of how blue moon clover is grown and found.

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#5  Spiderwort and the Princess of Haiku

The Princess of Haiku, who is the Spirit of Simplicity, is in trouble. Under a Spell of Diminishment, and guarded by two evil ogres, she will soon fade out of all existence. Without the Spirit of Simplicity, the world will be left in total chaos. As part of her special fairy gift, Spiderwort is clever at solving puzzles. Accompanied by a magic scarecrow, Spiderwort and her friends must pass through a series of puzzling obstacles to find the troubled spirit. Then the fairies have to participate in three important events, including a scavenger hunt, to help break the spell and free the princess.

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#6  Periwinkle and the Cave of Courage

The Cave of Courage, the source of all courage on earth, must be recharged every one hundred years. For this task, Mother Nature has chosen a team of magical creatures including a dwarf, a wood gnome, two brownies, a troll, four fairies, and a leprechaun. Periwinkle must lead the group through a series of obstacles in the Cave of Courage to effectively complete the recharging, and to determine who of the group will win the ultimate prize - any wish to be granted by Mother Nature.

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#7  Cinnabar and the Island of Shadows

Cinnabar must make a dangerous journey to the Island of Shadows to help recover stolen shadows that were scheduled for delivery to newborns. She discovers the three reasons why human beings have a shadow. With the help of a Gryphon, Cinnabar and her friends battle an evil Chimera and the Demon of Light to help King Penumbra and Queen Silhouette, the rulers of Shadowland, solve this terrible problem.

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#8  Mimosa and the River of Wisdom

The River of Wisdom houses the Library of the Ages, where all known knowledge is stored for mankind. The fairies must help the Spirit of Knowledge regain the services of his librarian, a nymph, who was lured away by the Spirit of Ignorance. While leading this mission, Mimosa struggles with the most difficult decision of her life, one that may eventually lead to the ultimate sacrifice - the loss of her fairy spirit.

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#9  Primrose and the Magic Snowglobe

A gargoyle who can't sit still, a gremlin who likes to fix things, and a dwarf who can't keep a secret - whoever heard of such nonsense? The world of magical creatures is in turmoil because of these extraordinary actions. Cast out by their own kind, the gargoyle, gremlin, and dwarf seek help from the fairies who are notorious for fixing problems. Primrose must solve the mystery of what has caused the unusual behavior, and seek out a stranger with a Magic Snowglobe, to try to set things to right.

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#10  Luna and the Well of Secrets

Three bat fairies have been abducted. Luna and her friends must embark on a rescue mission that leads them into the Well of Secrets, which is the doorway to Eventide, the Land of Darkness. In an attempt to free the captives, the fairies uncover the secrets of a magic mirror and a grand piano. They also encounter a Light Witch who has trapped a Dark Witch inside the mirror. With the help of an elf owl and a sphilox (an elf fairy of light), Luna battles an evil agent of the Demon of Darkness to free the fairies and escape from Eventide.

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#11  Dewberry and the Lost Chest of Paragon

Dewberry is the fairy gifted with great knowledge and wisdom. Unfortunately, the development of her wisdom has yet to catch up with her immense cache of knowledge. In her constant quest to obtain ever more knowledge, Dewberry uncovers the Legend of Paragon, an ancient ruler, and his three marshals - Exemplar, Criterion, and Apotheosis. Dewberry enlists the aid of her friends, Primrose and Snapdragon, in seeking the Lost Chest of Paragon, rumored to contain a great gift of ancient and powerful knowledge for mankind. When the chest is found, catastrophic consequences occur that no one could have predicted. Fairy magic is nowhere near strong enough to fix the problem caused by the impulsive actions of the knowledge-hungry Dewberry. It appears Mother Nature herself is the only one who can sort out the matter.

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#12  Moonflower and the Pearl of Paramour

Henry is a brownie prince who loves Rose, a fairy. Forty years ago, a bitter wizard cursed them. Rose is trapped in a magic painting with only a bear cub for company. Henry is trapped in a book with only an aardvark and a crow as companions. Neither can leave their prisons, or speak a single word, or the other will die. Moonflower must lead the mission that involves finding a wishing star that only appears once every seventy-two years, seeking the Goddess Paramour and her magic Pearl of Love, and carefully carrying the ever-burning Candle of Inamorata. With the help of a jack rabbit, a unicorn, and two brownies, the fairies travel to Castle Penchaant to break the curse to set Henry and Rose free. In this adventure, the fairies also learn the history of the brownies, and discover the wizard's story of terrible unhappiness in love that involves a nymph and a satyr.

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#13  Snapdragon and the Odyssey of Èlan

Èlan is a peaceful dragon. However, in order to pass into dragon adulthood, he must make a dangerous journey to obtain a fabulous jewel for Queen Elektra, the leader of the dragons. Because of his non-violent nature, the means to obtain the jewel is a dilemma. The quest involves getting past four monsters: a giant Hydra with nine serpent heads, a shapeshifter named Variant Catifficum, an evil Golem, and a dangerous Chimera. Èlan doesn't want to hurt any of these creatures, so he seeks help from the fairies in solving this problem. Snapdragon is the fairy gifted with dragonish qualities like fierceness and speed. She must lead the mission to help Èlan complete his odyssey.

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#14  Harlequin and the Pebble of Spree

The Spirit of Fun and Frolic, responsible for spreading happiness, is in trouble. Harlequin, who derives her fairy spirit from a harlequin snake, is also the good-natured fairy of mischief and pranks. Together with her friends - Dove, Cricket, and Blue (a blue dragonfly fairy) - she must find the Spirit of Fun and Frolic. The fairies have to persuade Whoopee (an elephant), Tom Foolery (a magical stuffed animal), and Monkeyshine (a grasshopper with a magic harmonica) to reveal the location of the troubled spirit. During this seemingly endless day, the fairies also seek help from a fish, a Jack Russell terrier, an ice cream vendor, a fancy hamster, a tiny magician, and a Persian cat to retrieve the magical Pebble of Spree to save the life of the spirit and restore happiness to mankind. In this story, the fairies also learn why the bluebird is the happiest of all birds, and what the grasshopper uses buttons for.

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#15  Dove and the Parchment of Dulcet

From the Ghost Fairy, who gives warnings and predictions, the fairies learn that the centuries old Goblin War between animal-form goblins and human-form goblins is raging stronger than ever in two areas - the canyon region and the desert region. Led by Dove, the fairy of peace, a large group of fairies makes a dangerous journey to try to help settle the dispute. Together with elves, sphiloxes (elf fairies of light), brownies, and desert gnomes, the fairies seek out Bellicose and Loggerhead, the goblin leaders. The group encounters many canyon and desert creatures in their travels. When peaceful negotiations fail, Dove calls upon the Parchment of Dulcet (a magical scroll that once belonged to the Goddess of Peace) to fix the problem and put an end to the goblin hostilities that are threatening all of mankind. Two unique rose fairies, the Rose Fairy of War and the Rose Fairy of Peace, also help Dove complete her mission.

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#16  Cricket and the Enchanted Music Box

Amanda Riverside is a cricket fairy. During an afternoon walk, she hears beautiful music coming from a lonely, overgrown garden. In looking for the answer to the secrets contained in the secluded garden, Cricket discovers an enchanted music box. With further investigation, she finds out that the mystery surrounding the music box involves a longstanding quarrel between a giant and a witch. Along with Moonflower, Blue, and Spiderwort, Cricket tries to help settle the feud. During their adventure, the fairies befriend a beautiful nightingale that is under a powerful enchantment. With the help of shooting stars, magical rain showers, and bewitching lullabies, Cricket seeks to end the vengeful grudge between the giant and the witch, in order to free the nightingale from the spell.


#17  Blue, the Mermaid, and the Fisherman's Tale

Blue is a blue dragonfly fairy with the special fairy gift of exceptional water skills that include enhanced swimming and diving abilities. The Water Fairy Festival is only held once every ten years. For this special celebration, the fairies welcome many guests including Madam Oyster, Coral, Starfish, Sea Dragon, and Minnow. Following the festival, Blue attends a Gulf region fairy circle and learns the sad tale of the fisherman and the mermaid: After a thirty-year journey to the Ends of the Seas (on a quest to find the Green Sea Diamond), the fisherman returns to find his dearest love, the mermaid, Allure, has died. Blue and her friends set out on a mission to Ocean Merland, the underwater home of the saltwater merfolk. They meet Allure's sister, Denoue, who helps them find a way for the fisherman to be reunited with his love when he makes his final journey - the one into the hereafter.


#18  Aloe and the Spring of Hale

Aloe is the fairy of healing. When an epidemic of terrible plant disease begins sweeping the earth, she must form an unusual alliance with four of the Fairies of Necessity: Mistletoe, Nettle, Hemlock, and Nightshade. The Fairies of Necessity were created for very different purposes than most fairies, and they don't usually solve problems or fix things like traditional fairies. The Fairies of Necessity have jobs such as decay, defense, killing off weak members of plant species, controlling insect populations, and keeping things balanced in nature. Aloe, Snapdragon, Ginger, and Periwinkle must team up with the Fairies of Necessity to locate the legendary Spring of Hale, a source of magical healing water, to stop the plant disease from spreading further. The adventure includes a visit to a magic treehouse and a graveyard. During their dangerous journey, the fairies encounter two talking insects - a caterpillar and a walking stick. They also meet a charming stranger before eventually facing off with Putresce, the Spirit of Decay and Disease.

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#19  Pumpkinwing and the Week of Opposites

When Pumpkinwing and Teasel return home from summer camp, they discover that something terrible has happened to the rest of the fairies. With the exception of Primrose, just back from an out-of-town visit to her grandparents, all of the fairies are acting completely opposite their normal characters. The special gifts that make fairies like little superheroes seem to have disappeared. Cinnabar, with her extraordinary night abilities, is afraid of going out after dark. Harlequin, the fairy of jokes, can't stop crying. Blue, an excellent swimmer, is suddenly afraid of the water. And Dove, the fairy of peace, can't seem to keep from getting into arguments. Even Madam Toad is acting strangely: The fairy leader can't seem to make a decision. Pumpkinwing, Teasel, and Primrose must work diligently, without any guidance from fairy mentors, to solve the mystery of what has happened. Three brownies also join in the effort to help put things right.

Horse on Green Sheld

#20  Minnow and Mr. Keen - the Brilliant Troll

Minnow is from the Far North Region of Fairies. Along with Madam Shrew and Milkweed, she welcomes visitors Pumpkinwing, Teasel, and Firefly to a special fairy circle. A great many trolls live in the far North region. Trolls are ordinarily confused much of the time and are not too smart. Mr. Keen is unique among trolls because he is brilliant. The fairies set out on a mission to consult Mr. Keen about a problem involving a lost ogre child named Tad. Then they must seek out a rare troll butterfly to help lead the rock-throwing, tantrum-prone Tad home to his family. During this adventure, we learn the history of toadstool rings; and the fairies conduct an important toadstool ring experiment to benefit their local troll friends.


#21  Teasel and the Halloween Mysteries

Around the time of the special Halloween fairy circle, Teasel gets involved in trying to solve three separate mysteries: the reason for the odd tree on top of the half-finished bank building construction site; the explanation for the strange plants, flowers, and seeds being carried around in hollow bamboo containers by a Pomeranian and a parakeet; and the answer to where the Endless Stair leads. Along with Calliope and Pumpkinwing, Teasel discovers the secret of a magic dresser and a tiny witch in a bottle. The fairies must work diligently to solve the three mysteries, and to help break a curse to free the witch.

Green and Brown Flowers

#22  Calliope and the Land of Bliss

Calliope, who has the fairy spirit of a calliope hummingbird, is the fairy of time, speed, and a thousand questions per day. When two fairies disappear, she must find a way to locate them in the Land of Bliss, and bring them back without getting trapped there herself. With the help of a magic clock, and her friends Rosemary and Teasel, Calliope travels through a portal in a white poplar tree stump. In a somewhat mixed-up, time-travel adventure, the fairies actually meet their leader, Madam Toad, as a young fairy. She helps them free their friends from the Land of Bliss and seal the doorway to prevent other fairies from becoming trapped in the magical land where no one cares about anything.

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#23  Heather and the Basket of Understanding

On their Christmas break, Heather and her friends meet an old woman who is responsible for making the Basket of Understanding, which is the source of all understanding on earth. Without the Basket, caring and kindness would not exist. But the old woman has to continually work on the Basket. If she ever stops constructing it, all understanding will be lost to mankind. Similarly, an old man, who is a friend to the old woman, must constantly weave the Blanket of Comfort that produces security and ease for all creatures of the earth. The fairies must try to find a way for the woman and man to finish their endless tasks. For this purpose, they seek out a matchbox genie. During their adventure, the fairies also discover how sphiloxes - elf fairies of light - are born.

Spirograph Sun

24  Honeysuckle and the February Garden

In early April, Honeysuckle discovers an enchanted garden in which it is always winter, and where the month of February begins again every six weeks. Winterberry, a fairy who never ages, is forever trapped in the garden. Jack Frost, the Spirit of Winter, cast the icy spell on the February Garden eighty-five years ago to keep Winterberry from ever leaving. Winterberry's only companions are Hoarfrost and Snowflake - a groundhog and an ermine. With the help of three magical spirits, Honeysuckle tries to convince Jack Frost to lift the spell. In this tale of longing and desire, Honeysuckle learns that letting go is sometimes the best way to hold on, and that only trust and compromise can lead to true happiness for Jack and Winterberry.

Hour Glass

#25  Sandpiper and the Ship of Pools

The Ship of Pools is a magical ship that delivers cargo to many destinations all over the world. The many pools of the ship contain freight such as mules, tools, jewels, stools, rules, and ghouls. When the captain of the Ship of Pools abandons his vessel, Sandpiper and her friends must find a way to make the cargo deliveries. Without a skipper, this trip is destined to be the ship's final voyage. But by a strange twist of fate, the fairies are able to find a new crew for the magical Ship of Pools.

Super Sleuth Star

#26  Brandtii and the Perils of Prima Della, Top Strawberry, and Big-Wag

Brandtii has the fairy spirit of a brandtii bat. She is also the fairy of superstition. Her aunt is the famous singer, turned talk-show host and novelist, Prima Della. Prima Della is married to the handsome soap opera star - Top Strawberry. And the couple has a golden retriever named Big-Wag. Prima and Top are extremely superstitious, and even attribute much of their fame and success to careful observance of many important rituals. Unfortunately, their obsession with superstition draws the attention of an evil spirit. When Paltry Trifle, the Spirit of Obscurity, sets out to try to ruin the celebrities, Brandtii and her fairy friends come to the rescue. With Big-Wag's help, the fairies turn the tables on the evil spirit, and save Prima and Top from both obscurity and too much superstition.

Fairy Ring

#27  Ginger and the Purple Ibex

Imagine a world without music, paintings, dance, novels, movies, crafts, poetry, sculpture, games, storytelling, magazines, jokes, fashion, stage plays, and architecture: a lackluster world without creative designs, beauty, fun, imaginative ideas, entertainment, artistic inspiration, or variety. The Purple Ibex (basically a fancy purple goat) is the source of all creativity and imagination on earth. Under a terrible curse enacted by the Demon of Dull, the Purple Ibex is slowly dying. If Ginger doesn't find a way to save his life, all artistic and creative endeavors on earth will be lost. Unfortunately, Ginger is the only one who can see the purple creature. Since her friends aren't able to see the Ibex, they all think the goat is only in her imagination, so they are not willing to help look after the sick animal. On her own, Ginger diligently and desperately struggles to care for the Ibex, as all creativity and imagination in the world begins to fade. When nothing she does seems to make a difference, Ginger almost manages to convince herself that the goat is part of her imagination - almost, but not quite. With the help of an undine (a water pixie) named Ren, Ginger's resolve is strengthened. When she doesn't give up, her friends gradually come to her aid. Only with a massive team effort are the fairies able to find a way to break the curse and save the world from an eternity of dullness.

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#28  Swan and the Realm of Hollowness

Magic is present in every corner and crack of the universe waiting to be used, even if it is only a small bit of magic in some places. However, the Realm of Hollowness is a becalmed area, bewitched by a powerful stillness; and the small bit of magic that exists there cannot be stirred to use. When six fairies are mysteriously trapped in the Hollowness, they can find no way of getting out; and their magic is completely dead and useless to them. Getting no help from a trow, a boggan, and a fachan - also trapped in the Hollowness, and also without the ability to use their own types of magic - the fairies must find something even more valuable and special than fairy magic to help them escape. Events and discoveries that take place in the becalmed area lead the fairies to ponder another mystery - what else the Realm of Hollowness might be.

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#29  Larkspur and Alyssum Meet Sniggerbly Wiskerfink

Larkspur and Alyssum are very good-natured and obliging fairies, always concerned with helping others whenever possible. However, when the girls meet a polecat named Sniggerbly Wiskerfink, he puts their charitable and caring feelings to the test by sending them on numerous pointless errands and fruitless tasks. Again and again, the girls are convinced that they must help the polecat: His urgent requests and pleadings are so imperative that his dire needs must be genuine! During this crazy adventure of seeking useless items that include Life's elusive Bowl of Cherries, pink pickles, chartreuse pinecones, and even Mrs. Astor's pet horse, the fairies are actually persuaded to chase a goose. Unfortunately, Sniggerbly Wiskerfink has asked for help so many times when he didn't really need it and sent others on endless useless pursuits for so many long years, no one is willing to come to his aid when he truly finds himself in trouble. Larkspur and Alyssum appear to be his only hope. But has the polecat burned these bridges too?

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#30  Clover and the Flying Turtle

What if our strangest dreams - those that couldn't possibly be true - were the ones that were actually real? Christmas is often a time of dreams and fancy. But this Christmas, the Council of Dream Wizards, who are responsible for providing dreams for the whole world, have lost faith in mankind's ability to believe in dreams. Two members of the Council are sent on a journey in search of true dreamers. When the Dream Wizards lead Clover and her friends into a bizarre cycle of dreams, the fairies take a fanciful journey of their own and encounter things like a skateboarding pig and a house made entirely of feathers. In order to be released from the puzzling dream loop, the fairies are asked to make a series of difficult choices leading up to a dangerous situation that forces them to trust without reason, believe in themselves, and make a leap of faith to save their lives.

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#31  Arabesque and the Return of Clack Palaver

Arabesque is the only spider fairy to ever exist. As her special fairy gift, she is a master of detail, intricacies, and patience. When Clack Palaver, the Spirit of Gibberish, escapes from his longtime prison, the entire world begins to drown in a sea of nonsense, inane chatter, anagrams, drivel, clichés, Pig Latin, rhyme, quotes, Spoonerisms, and repetition. There is so much confusion, no one can understand anyone else. Arabesque, Thyme, Calliope, and Pumpkinwing must find a way to put Clack Palaver back in his prison before the ability of human beings to communicate with one another is lost forever.

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#32  Thyme and the Magic Dollhouse

When Thyme discovers an enchanted dollhouse, complete with a real live miniature human family living inside, she takes on a mission to save her new friends from a terrible fate. Harlequin, Marigold, Arabesque, and Teasel also join the effort. The fairies embark on a fantastic flying-dollhouse-journey, which includes visits to other "little" people in the Colony in the Clouds, the Inn of the Cliffs, and the Township in the Treetops. The magic dollhouse and its occupants even survive an encounter with a ferocious air-crocodile in their race to reach the safety of the Miniature City of Nestlehaven.

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#33  Bumblebee and the Maze of Regret

Bumblebee has a secret. She doesn't particularly want to be a fairy. She already knows exactly what she wants to do with her life, and it does not include being a fairy. Having a fairy spirit is too much extra responsibility and would take time away from other important things. Unfortunately, her feelings about this can't be kept secret for long. Scorned by her friends, Bumblebee struggles with this problem at the time of the special Summer Fairy Festival. While keeping to herself to try to make the decision as to whether or not to give up her fairy spirit, she meets an old man who shares a secret with her: He never felt as though he accomplished much during his life. Together, they discover the entrance to an enchanted maze guarded by a golden bear - the Gatekeeper to the Maze of Regret. Since the old man is nearing the end of his life, the Gatekeeper allows him to enter the maze to try to reach a magic lighthouse, which may hold answers to questions about the choices in his life. In their journey through the maze, Bumblebee and the old man meet an interesting assortment of creatures including a beaver without a tail, a short stork, and a butterfly unable to fly. But can assisting the old man to navigate the maze give Bumblebee the answers she is searching for?

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#34  Fern and the Candle of Friendship

Fern is a very special young lady with a unique outlook on life. She is a gentle soul and tends to view the world through very innocent eyes. When Antipathee, the Spirit of Strife, tries to sabotage all friendship in the world, Madam Toad chooses Fern to lead the mission. While trying to recover the Candle of Friendship to thwart the evil spirit's plans, Fern's gullibility and simple perspective actually come in very handy as she struggles to rescue her fellow fairies from peril.

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#35  Cherry and the Adventures of Pwensfourth-Greeves Mistooken

As far as nannies go, Pwensfourth-Greeves Mistooken is the best! In fact, Cherry and Ms. M tend to get away with quite a lot, right under the noses of Cherry's parents and her older brother and sister. This particular fall season turns out to be especially jam-packed with excitement as the pair learn to tightrope walk at a circus, visit a mysterious professor, win first prize at a flower show, become stowaways, discover a lost jewel, and help a famous artist complete a masterpiece. Caught up in the thrill of Ms. M's constant plots, plans, and parties, Cherry is even willing to risk using forbidden fairy magic to go along with these outlandish adventures.

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#36  Ambrosia and the Elemental Fairies

The Elemental Fairies are called Caprixies. Every one thousand years, these specialty fairies must complete a mission to restore balance and harmony to the world. Ambrosia, a beetle fairy, is chosen to help Laguuna, Thiket, Kindel, Silvre, and Tundraa. Together, they visit the Temple of Wind and Water where they embark on a series of quests to seek out four very special objects. A whale, a nymph, a child, and a dragon help Ambrosia and the Caprixies complete their mission.

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#37  Jasmine, the Journal, and Magnolia's Sacrifice

This is the story of how Magnolia lost her fairy spirit in Firefly and the Quest of the Black Squirrel. Jasmine uncovers the truth when a mysterious journal comes into her possession. She also discovers another powerful secret involving the Society of Riffleberry Hunters. In her journey of discovery, Jasmine comes to understand exactly how important it is for some things in the world to always remain as mysteries.

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#38  Raven and the Children of the Rainbow

Two important Fairy Circles are scheduled for the first week of summer: one for Lily's bridal shower and the other to meet three visiting Jewel Fairies - Garnet, Aquamarine, and Topaz. Amidst the fun and celebration, Raven comes across a mystery involving two crystal boxes, which leads her to research a legend about a magical rainbow. During this adventure, the fairies must overcome evil kelpies and a river serpent working for the water demon, Aqueous. Raven and Cricket enlist the aid of the Jewel Fairies to save the Children of the Rainbow and all of mankind from a terrible fate.

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#39  Pennyroyal and the Last Rhinoceros

When Pennyroyal discovers a magical doorway in a tree trunk, she takes a fantastic journey into the future to visit National Parks in Russia, Canada, Australia, England, and the United States. During her travels, she meets an interesting assortment of creatures very rare in numbers including orangutans, fire drakes, elephants, Bengal tigers, and trows. However, these animals and magical creatures are not where they are supposed to be. Hidden for their protection, they are completely out of place in their surroundings. A very odd house provides the clues to help Pennyroyal understand why she has been chosen for this odyssey. During the final segment of her travels, while seeking the last rhinoceros, Pennyroyal meets an enormous silver lion. But can he help her understand how to keep the endangered creatures from disappearing forever in our near future?

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#40  Lilac and the Secret of Obsidian

Ever since finding out about her fairy spirit, Lilac has felt that something is terribly wrong; but she doesn't know how to tell anyone because she doesn't understand the problem herself. While taking a night journey deep into the Forgotten Forest, the troubled fairy finds an unusual box containing seven objects. Upon further investigation, Lilac and her friends also discover a strange hologram. In order to free a princess trapped on a mysterious island, the fairies embark on a fantastic odyssey to each of the seven continents and encounter creatures such as a cheetah, dragon, bear, wolf, tiger, and seal. At one point, the fairies even survive a run-in with a mythical, fiery blazenbird. These travels of discovery also lead Lilac on a personal journey to uncover a secret hidden deep within her. But will she be able to live with the truth?

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#41  Sparrow and Edelweiss's Ghost

At the end of the summer, Sparrow takes a trip to Germany to visit her pen pal, a winter wren fairy. While there, Winter and Sparrow team up with Emerald, one of the Jewel Fairies. The three are invited to stay at a castle that is rumored to be haunted. Following several mysterious events, the girls discover the ghost of an edelweiss fairy who disappeared over a century ago. Amidst whirlwind visits to Holland, Denmark, and Austria, the fairies somehow find the time to work with a mermaid and an ancient knight to free Edelweiss' spirit and rid the castle of an evil spriggan.

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#42  Quince, Amethyst, and the Forever Journey

How long is Forever? And why do certain times of our lives seem to fly by, while others creep along very slowly? Quince and Amethyst are sister and brother orphans. When the two are trapped by a Fairy Hunter, their only means of escape is a mysterious necklace given to them by their late parents to be used in times of emergency. When the necklace opens a doorway to an idyllic planet called Itin, Quince and Amethyst take a nearly two-hundred year journey to return to home, during which time, they do not age at all. Witnessing the birth of a Golden Porpoise, the spectacular Silver Stag Star Shower, and the magical Crossing of the Copper Tortoise merely begins their Forever Journey. During this adventure, the fairies of the Southwest region make a frightening discovery: Another fairy, Magpie, is helping the Fairy Hunter track and trap fairies and brownies using fairy viewing stones called Petrified Apertures; and she is working with an unknown brownie accomplice.

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#43  Dandelion and the Box of Illusion

During an extremely busy holiday season, which includes a fairy and brownie Christmas dance, Dande finds herself involved in a series of exciting adventures centered around a magical Machine Graveyard. Mixed in with the usual activities, events, and festivities of the holidays, Dande encounters a magic metronome, three actual superheroes, an enchanted vulture, and a tiny magician called Hop-On Doody Two-Shoes. She also helps a gremlin fix a special toy for a sick child, tracks down a missing maraca for an old woman, and sets events in motion to recover the lost Box of Illusion so that the yearly Christmas Miracle Illusion can be performed. While helping to plan a magic show, Dande is even able to perform a few tricks of her own, and ends up taking a journey to discover the truth hidden deep within both beauty and illusion.

Dandelion and the Box of Illusion and Hollyhock and the Christmas of the Swans are crossover adventures with the events of both books occurring simultaneously.

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#44  Hollyhock and the Christmas of the Swans

On Christmas break from school, during a visit to an isolated park, Hollyhock hears something inside her head that sounds remarkably like words, which is incredibly strange because she has not heard any sounds at all since losing her hearing as a baby. With the help of magical swans and a powerful witch, Hollyhock uncovers an evil plot to block the Doorway to Christmas, which will prevent the Spirit of Christmas from entering on his yearly visit. This event could spell doom for the creatures of the earth in the form of excessive hunger, loneliness, pain, despair, and grief. Without even full knowledge of what an evil warlock and a grue might be up to, the fairies diligently set to work to solve the problem and prevent tragedy for mankind. On their adventure, Hollyhock and her friends also uncover the reasons behind the mysterious events occurring at a lonely country pond, which involve a real-life superhero and an enchanted princess whose spirit is forever trapped in a snowy bonsai tree. As busy as the fairies are, will they even have time to attend their Christmas Fairy Circle?

Hollyhock and the Christmas of the Swans and Dandelion and the Box of Illusion are crossover adventures with the events of both books occurring simultaneously.

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#45  Eglantine and the Laughing Owl

While exploring in the woods during spring break, Eglantine and her friends hear strange noises coming from an abandoned manor house. What else can the fairies do but investigate? The crumbling manor holds many mysteries, including doorways to other realms. Upon being drawn into the Land of Daini, also known as the Land of Second Chances, the fairies discover the answer to their mystery when they encounter an extinct laughing owl. The owl explains that people are often sent to Daini to retrieve extinct creatures and other items because the Land of Daini is a place where everything that ever existed on earth still exists. However, when the fairies find an alabaster egg that leads them to a magical accordionist, they are sent on an important mission to retrieve something else from the Land of Second Chances. The fairies also survive an encounter with an evil genie who is almost successful in luring them into the realm of NetherSek, a place where fairy powers and magic won't work. During this adventure, the fairies discover the answer to a very old fairy question - What good is a gnarlbeast?

The events of Eglantine and the Laughing Owl play out at the same time as those occurring in The Glass Fairy.

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#46  The Glass Fairy

Silica is the only glass fairy known to exist. Her unique fairy spirit was created when a sand fairy spirit was struck by lightning on its way to be joined with her. The transformation from sand to glass gave Silica the power to manipulate lightning. On a trip to visit her aunt and uncle in Hawaii, the glass fairy takes on a mission to help settle a dispute between the kings of two remote islands. Tea, Jade, Sparrow, and Obsidian join the island-hopping adventure. Together, the fairies travel to Island Mauloa to meet with dragons who are awaiting the birth of a baby dragon named Moana Ena, currently being hatched in the center of the earth and soon to be spewed out of a volcano. Upon learning of a promise made to the dragons by Lewa, an ancient God of Air, the fairies embark on a quest to find an enchanted hawthorne tree to help end the dispute between the kings that currently threatens the life of Moana Ena. During this exotic escapade, the fairies encounter several enchanted creatures including a sandpiper, a crab, and a snake. They also meet a real superhero who helps them complete their mission in time to witness the birth of the baby dragon.

The events of The Glass Fairy happen at the same time as those occurring in Eglantine and the Laughing Owl.

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#47  Berylline and the Tree of Joy

Joy is magically manufactured from a recipe using ingredients such as September starlight, a pound of sweet pickles, twenty-four phrases of Beethoven's Für Elise, orange sherbet, the sound of an enchanted millipede tap dancing on a snare drum, and a single berylline hummingbird feather. The Tree of Joy is inhabited by tiny beings called Gledé. These elfin-like creatures, who live in houses made from hollowed walnuts, are responsible for spreading joy spores around the world. When the Tree of Joy begins to die, the fairies are called upon to investigate. Following clues given to them from a graveyard ghost and a dryad, Berylline and her friends undertake a mission to climb the tree. During their journey, the fairies encounter an enchanted turtle with an unusual smile, a breathtakingly beautiful butterfly tree, and a long-thought-to-be-extinct dandetiger flower. However, even with the discovery of a firebird at the very top of the tree, the fairies come to understand that the missing magical ingredient needed to heal the Tree of Joy lies within them.

The events of Berylline and the Tree of Joy occur at the same time as those playing out in Meadowsweet and the Magic Fountain.

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#48  Meadowsweet and the Magic Fountain

While camping at Bryce Canyon National Park, Meadowsweet and her friends discover a mysterious pool of water that leads them to the underwater city of Zuletas, inhabited by graceful water spirits called selkies. During their visit to Zuletas, which includes the discovery of a magic fountain, the fairies undertake a mission to solve a terrible problem. They embark on a treasure hunt to locate and bring back an unknown magical object. During their travels, they encounter a magical rice measure, a fishing basket that always stays full, and a mythical basudi bird. The underwater journey tests both their patience and persistence before ingenuity and luck finally lead the fairies to the object of their quest.

The events of Meadowsweet and the Magic Fountain occur at the same time as those playing out in Berylline and the Tree of Joy.

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#49  Jewels and Superheroes

When a baby superhero is kidnapped, Raven, Obsidian, and Amber are called to Michigan to help the Jewel Fairies find and rescue the infant. Several brownies and superheroes also join the efforts to track a goblin-like creature called a phooba that was hired to steal the baby. The search leads to a camp filled with hundreds of phoobas, where the rescuers have to face off with two, giant spectral monsters. When the heroes finally reach a hidden cave where the baby superhero is being held, they discover yet another giant surprise.

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#50  The Adventures of Red Zipper

Imagine the secret lives of pets, especially the pets of magical beings such as fairies and brownies. What are they up to when no one is looking, and why are they often nowhere to be found? Perhaps they are magical themselves and use their spare time to help save the world from evil forces. Red Zipper, a blue heeler dog, and his friends definitely lead secret lives. In this set of adventures, they assist a gargoyle to ward off evil spirits, recover a stolen lime tree for a tiny magician, help the fairies rid a home of a nasty gnarlbeast, and save the Sandman from a bewitched sandcastle. However, these important missions and rescue efforts are not the most difficult part of our furry superheroes' lives because coexisting with the cats in the area presents even more of a difficult challenge.

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#51  Laurel and the Inn of the Whispers

In addition to being haunted, the Inn of the Whispers holds many secrets, including a magical conservatory with seven doorways to other places. While investigating this newly discovered treasure, the fairies help a trow rid a town of excessive foxes, and assist in finding a magic weathervane. In trying to discover the source of the unexplained whispers at the inn, the fairies are led to a mysterious library with a statue and a painting that may hold the answers to a strange, colorful, and lost fairy handbook.

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#52  Apple and the Legend of the Western Star

Several doors of the magical conservatory at the Inn of the Whispers remain unexplored by the fairies. Upon entering an enchanted apple orchard and meeting a unicorn, Apple and her friends set out on a puzzling journey to find the Western Star, which is rumored to be a lost jewel with healing powers. During their travels, the fairies meet a very superstitious woman, an alchemist with an unusual house, and a Candy and Flowers Monster. They also visit an Elf Circle before meeting an old friend who is finally able to lead them to the Western Star.

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#53  Tea, Sterling, and the Heart of Fire

When five fairies receive the exact same mysterious Valentine message, they set out on a journey to save all love in the world. With help from the brownies, they follow a series of puzzling clues to find the Heart of Fire. Once again led through one of the doorways in the magical conservatory, the fairies and brownies visit a few familiar faces including Ms. Moongill, the alchemist, and the Candy and Flowers Monster. When the many clues don't seem to be leading anywhere, solving the mystery becomes somewhat frustrating. Their persistence finally pays off when they are taken deep into the Forgotten Forest. However, the Heart of Fire turns out to be something totally unexpected.

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#54  Scarlet, Willow, and the Two-Foot Witch

Scarlet and Willow have made a new friend. But their summer fun with the Two-Foot Witch turns out to be something quite darker than expected when they end up taking a journey into the Well of Secrets to recover an important stolen object from Eventide, the Land of Darkness. The fairies and the Two-Foot Witch must use all of their ingenuity, along with magic mirrors and string, to battle the evil Light Witch and recover the stolen item. However, they are barely able to breathe a sigh of relief in their successful escape from Eventide when they are led into yet another adventure involving the mysterious Migration Stone.

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#55  Obsidian and the Last Brownie Prince

After meeting an unknown brownie in the forest, who is not able to tell her his name, Obsidian and her friends set out to solve the mystery. With help from several other brownies, the fairies journey to Castle Penchaant, where they discover that Obsidian's mysterious new friend is really a brownie prince, hidden away in secret for his own safety due to an ancient prophecy. Upon learning that the prince is also under a terrible curse, the fairies and brownies set out to try to help him. However, the task proves both dangerous and difficult because Magpie is causing problems again. Having added a bloodstone fairy to her alliance, Magpie is becoming increasingly powerful. And if the rumor is true that the Dark Witch has turned to evil and is now in league with Magpie, how are the fairies going to stop them in order to save the Last Brownie Prince?

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#56  Helenium and the Really Very Confused House

When Helenium and her friends discover a painting that is a little too real, they end up trapped inside a mixed-up house that seems to have swallowed them. During their attempt to escape, the fairies encounter many unusual objects and appliances such as a slide projector that thinks it's a toaster, a bed in a fireplace, a pincushion that blows bubbles, a musical rug, and a toothbrush that acts like a blow dryer. They also meet a talking Dalmatian. After taking on challenges that include corralling a giant insect and tackling an enormous pile of laundry, the fairies finally realize that they are going to have to carefully listen to the words of the Dalmatian to find the exit they are seeking.

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#57  Azure and the Butterfly Fairy Convention

The fairies of the Southwest region are all heading in different directions this summer. Special conventions of like-fairies such as moth, flower, bird, dragonfly, tree blossom, and bat have been organized all over the country. Azure and Pumpkinwing won't need to travel far because they are hosting the Butterfly Fairy Convention. However, when it becomes clear that some kind of evil force has taken over most of the attendees of this gathering, the local fairies end up in terrible danger. Meanwhile, on a special lone crusade, Daisy has opted to miss her Flower Fairy Convention. Thank goodness she decided to stay home because, fresh from her triumphant mission to save Troll Rock, she arrives at the Butterfly Fairy Convention just in time to help Azure and Pumpkinwing escape, so the three can try to put things to right.

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#58  Snowdrop and Four o'Clock Meet the White Elephant and the Dancing Rabbit

At six inches high, fairies are small but powerful. However, when Snowdrop and Four o'Clock accidentally discover the secret to the radish-asparagus mystery relating to fairy size, they shrink down to such a tiny state that they are smaller than a roly-poly pill bug. Upon meeting an enchanted prince, who is also very tiny, the fairies enter a magical land through a hidden doorway in the trunk of a pomegranate bush. In order to free the prince from enchantment, Snowdrop and Four o'Clock must solve another mystery - that of the dancing rabbit under the weeping willow tree. However, to put all of the pieces of the puzzle together correctly, the fairies must change sizes yet again to explore another world hidden behind a door in the trunk of the willow.

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#59  Aurora and the Lights of Marfa

Many theories exist to explain the mysterious phenomenon known as the Lights of Marfa, including outlandish theories involving UFOs and aliens. On a spring break camping trip to the Davis Mountains in West Texas, Aurora and her friends discover fire drakes, salamanders, magical fire scorpions, and even a will o'wisp. The girls also visit the McDonald Observatory. Although these close encounters with stars and magical spirits are exciting, nothing can prepare the fairies for the incredible discovery they are about to make in learning the truth behind the Lights of Marfa.

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#60  Journey's End

The final chapter in The Fairy Chronicles Saga.



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