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The Storybook is Hardcover.  Individually Available as Kindle Books.  Amazon Links:  Foo and Friends Storybook   The Wishing Well   The Garage Sale   The Fake Foo   The Porch Swing Ghost   The Sea Dragon   The Giraffe Mystery   The Horse Capers   The Royal Pillow 

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Coloring Pages:  Calliope the Carousel Horse  Spence and Basil   Foo and Foo-Too  Princess the Cat  Leonard the Frog  Gilbert and Henrietta  Esmerelda the Sea Dragon  Mel the Gnome  The Wishing Well 

Foo and Friends Storybook

What are your lawn and garden ornaments up to when no one is looking? If they hold magical spirits like most gnomes, angels, gargoyles, and foo dogs, you can bet it's something pretty important. Join Foo and his Friends on some of their important adventures as they help keep our neighborhoods safe and in tip-top shape. Includes Eight Awesome Adventures: The Wishing Well, The Garage Sale, The Fake Foo, The Porch Swing Ghost, The Sea Dragon, The Giraffe Mystery, The Horse Capers, and The Royal Pillow. For read aloud and early chapter readers ages 6+  Hardcover

The Wishing Well

Magical foo dogs generally work in pairs to protect us from evil spirits. Unfortunately, Foo no longer has his partner because Foo-Too was taken away to the Resting Place of Retired Foos. Having to make it on his own is bad enough, but Foo also has to get used to living in a brand new neighborhood. Thank goodness he is meeting plenty of other magical lawn and garden ornaments who can help him figure things out. For read aloud and early chapter readers ages 6+

The Garage Sale

Bad news has fallen on the neighborhood: Some of the Friends are going to be sold in a big garage sale. Foo Magic doesn't really work to solve problems like this, so a midnight meeting is definitely called for. But as the Friends work on a plan to save Henrietta (the plastic owl), will they also have time to save a turtle sandbox named Ruben? More panic erupts when Gilbert, the wire reindeer, also gets added to the list of For-Sale items. Can it be stopped, or is it meant to be? And will the neighborhood ever be the same again? For read aloud and early chapter readers ages 6+

The Fake Foo

Foo dogs, gargoyles, garden angels, and gnomes all have the ability to protect people from harm, which is why Foo is so puzzled as to why his new neighbors would place useless, for-decoration-only statues outside their home. However, when several evil spirits invade the neighborhood, Foo must figure out a way to help the Fake Foo protect their house and the people inside. For read aloud and early chapter readers ages 6+

The Porch Swing Ghost

As if having to drive away a persistent ghost over and over again isn't bad enough, Foo must also battle a Foo Cold during the Annual Fix-Up-the-Playground Project. Things go from bad to worse when a rash of burglaries, by a very crafty burglar, hits the neighborhood. With so much going on, will Foo be able to take care of business as usual? And will anyone be able to find out who is playing doorbell tricks? For read aloud and early chapter readers ages 6+

The Sea Dragon

When a sea dragon begins wreaking havoc on the coast, who better to come to the rescue than Foo and his Friends? After all, it is the dream of every foo dog to battle a sea dragon. The journey itself proves difficult as Foo is called upon to conjure a Foo Substitute and a Magical Foo Travel Bubble both in one day. However, upon reaching the coast, the Friends discover that all is not what it seems and that the task may prove even more difficult than they had imagined. For read aloud and early chapter readers ages 6+

The Giraffe Mystery

Something is terribly wrong with Mr. Spickley's new bronze giraffe statue. As still as an ordinary stone and as quiet as a feather, he is nothing like the other Friends in the neighborhood. Is he just in a deep sleep, or is something else wrong? Very concerned and puzzled, the Friends work diligently to solve the mystery and wake the giraffe. For read aloud and early chapter readers ages 6+

The Horse Capers

Someone is stealing the neighborhood horses! A carousel horse, a horse puppet, a stuffed toy Clydesdale, a horse-head walking stick...the list goes on and on. Though the Friends are on the case, unfortunately, the thief always seems to be one step ahead of them. When their investigations lead to a stash of the stolen horses, the friends must mount a daring rescue and find a way to get the police involved without revealing themselves. For read aloud and early chapter readers ages 6+

The Royal Pillow

Foo desperately needs to find a Royal Pillow for the upcoming visit of a Foo Master. Unfortunately, heavy rains are determined to get in his way. After mounting a daring rescue of baby foxes from a flooding creek, the Friends are determined to find some way to stop the rain. Sadly, the magic of creatures such as foo dogs, gnomes, and gargoyles can't be used to solve a problem like this. However, with a little brainstorming, the Friends discover that clever human beings might actually hold the answer. For read aloud and early chapter readers ages 6+

Future Foo fun includes Totally Fooless, The Halloween Closet, Foo's Gold, The Panoramic Egg, and No Hats for Foo.



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