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Freckles really are fairy kisses.

Only fairies can walk on eggshells without breaking them.

Don't try to put all your fairies in one basket; they won't fit.

Fairies love butterflies, bees, and cypress knees.

The light inside one person capable of kindness is brighter than the sun.

The brownies like to have their cake and eat yours too.

A fairy lives in every girl's heart.

If the shoe fits, wear fairy slippers.

It doesn't take a princess to notice a pea under a mattress, just ask a fairy.

When the fairies get their ducks in a row, they go swimming with them.

A feather in a fairy cap is probably only for decoration.

A penny lost is a penny a fairy can find.

If wishes were fairies, the world would have no problems.

Hope is the fairy inside you.

Toadstool rings appear where fairies have had a gathering.

Like sunshine on fairy wings, many things glitter more brightly than gold.

The light at the end of the tunnel might be a fairy.

Flitter forth like fairies and accomplish great things.

All that glitters might be covered with fairy dust.

Good dreams ride on the wings of doves. Sleep well and dream of fairies.

The secret to happiness lies within you.

Don't cross fairy bridges even when you come to them because they won't hold you.

Don't count your fairies before you dream about them.

Fairies are Mother Nature's cup of tea.


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