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BeaTwitched: The Misadventures of a Twitchy Witch

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Beatrice Twitchy is a good witch, but she gets mixed up a lot. For example, it always takes her three tries to get her spells right. Thank goodness there are always plenty of children around to help her figure things out. For read aloud and early readers.

The Picnic at Stony Brook: While having a picnic, Miss Twitchy and her friends discover a poor little troll who was caught in the sunshine and turned to stone. The kindly witch and her helpers must find a way to return the troll to his proper state.  Free E-Book

The Gingham Cat: After a tour of the candy factory, Miss Twitchy and her friends discover a cat whose fur has been turned to green gingham. They must work hard to restore the cat to normal, whatever normal might be.  Free E-Book

Coloring Pages:  Croquet, anyone?   Dust Bunnies and Doily  Swamp frogs are real.  Golly loves hugs.  A Slight Mix-Up  Zebra Tail Trimming  Miss Twitchy's Pets

Also in the works...The Peppermint Pig, Beatrice Twitchy Meets Her Twin, The Cure for Melancholy, The Enchanted Gown, and The Crimson Ghost.



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